Android app isn’t working on my Chromebook

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Hello everyone, sometimes when you try to use Android apps on your Chromebook, it might not load or some functions may work differently than on other Android devices. Below we will give you a list of some common problems and how to fix them without ruining your day.

Common Android App problems

  • If your Chromebook doesn’t have a touchscreen, an app may work if you use a mouse rather than a touchscreen.
  • Blank screen when you load an Android app on your Chromebook restarting or reinstalling the app may work.

How to fix an Android app that isn’t working on your Chromebook

If an Android app doesn’t open, lags, crashes or has other serious problems, try the following steps below:

  1. Check your Internet connection, make sure you can browse other websites like YouTube, Google etc.
  2. Clear the app data and cache.
  3. Turn your Chromebook off and on again, not just logging out, make sure you click on the restart or shutdown option.
  4. If the previous 3 steps fail, make sure you update your Chromebook, make sure you have the latest software running on your Chromebook.

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